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About Us

About Rio Film Commission

As a RioFilme department, the Rio Film Commission (RFC) is the municipal government office of Rio de Janeiro dedicated to supporting audiovisual production in all formats, attraction of new productions to City, and the international promotion of Rio as a film-friendly destination. The RFC provides logistic support for national and international producers to ensure their seamless and most cost-effective production of film, television, documentaries, commercials and web, and acts as the interface for the use of all local services and infrastructure, as a means to contribute to economic development and job creation.

The Rio Film Commission efforts are focused on promoting Rio de Janeiro as a “film friendly” region, which means to prepare the city to welcome and attract national and international productions. Our goal is to ensure the experience of filming in Rio de Janeiro city is pleasant and without setbacks, regardless of the format of the content.

The Rio Film Commission Working Agenda aims include:

To promote an effective communication

Promote the expansion of communication between members of the audiovisual sector – from the public and private spheres – in order to enable the exchange of information and the planning of joint actions.

To encourage awareness among potential partners

To create awareness among Rio de Janeiro City government and private-sector entities about the need to maintain filming fees at realistic levels in order to preserve Rio’s international competitive edge.

To standardize permitting procedures

To standardize and streamline the permitting and authorization procedures by municipal authorities.

To promote Rio's audiovisual sector worldwide

To promote the City audiovisual sector in international markets, events and festivals.

To propose agreements and partnerships

To propose new national and international cross-promotional agreements and partnerships to continue to attract producers to Rio, and to update and renew those that already exist.