Fish Market

Armação dos Búzios

Fish Market

Fish Market  (credits: Diadorim Ideias/ Cris Isidoro)

No visit to seaside town Armação de Búzios is complete without a stop at the traditional Mercado do Peixe (Fish Market) in the Manguinhos district. There one can find the full spectrum of seafood available in Rio de Janeiro state’s Coastal Lowland region. Located next to Búzios’s gastro-district, the market offers a wide variety of goods: from salmon to lobster, dogfish, shrimp, anchovies, seabass, sole and sardines. Weekly sales total five to six tons of seafood .

There are currently five fishmongers at Mercado do Peixe reselling product from over 100 fishermen from that region. There is also a restaurant and some shops in the middle of this dazzling mix of local smells and colors.

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- Managed by the Manguinhos Fishermen Association, Mercado do Peixe has been in activity for more than 30 years and has become a busy Búzios tourist attraction.


How to get there

Address: Next to Polo Gastronômico de Búzios, at Porto da Barra, in Manguinhos.

Centro - Mercado de Peixes de Búzios

Distance from the capital: 170 km