Livraria Cultura Cine Vitória

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Livraria Cultura Cine Vitória

Livraria Cultura Cine Vitória  (credits: Divulgação/ Luciano Mello)

Set up in a building that once housed a famous movie theater in Rio de Janeiro’s city center, Livraria Cultura Cine Vitória was opened in late 2012. Since then it became a converging point for those who love literature and entertainment in general.

Within its four stories and 3,200 square meters the store combines the original building’s art deco style with modern facilities. Different sections – for books of all kinds, electronics and even inflatable toys – are interconnected through a light and colorful décor. The front of the building, the flooring and details on the walls and ceiling retain characteristics of the original edifice, erected in the 1930’s.

Besides selling its wares and providing customers with reading spaces and a café, Livraria Cultura Cine Vitória also offers a regular schedule of shows, recreational and educational activities, lectures and panel discussions.

On April 2013 a branch of the Eva Herz Theater was opened at the store. Up until November 2013 six plays had been staged there.

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- Cine Vitória, where Livraria Cultura is now located, was in operation for four decades, starting in the 1940’s. During the golden era of street movie theaters, in its initial years Cine Vitória was known for its high-quality programming. Charlie Chaplin’s classic The Great Dictator was the first film ever screened there.

- Livraria Cultura Cine Vitória is the Cultura chain’s second largest unit, with the head store in São Paulo being the largest one. Its collection includes over 5 million books and thousands of CDs, DVDs and magazines.


How to get there

Address: Rua Senador Dantas, 45, Centro
Telephone: (21) 3916-2600

Film shoots must be scheduled through the head store:: (11) 3170-4033.

Avenida Rio Branco - Livraria Cultura Cine Vitória

Distance from the capital: 2 km