Ilha de Santa Rita/ Santa Rita Island

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Santa Rita Island

Santa Rita Island  (credits: Mapa de Cultura/ Diadorim Ideias/ Cris Isidoro)

Santa Rita Island is a top tourist attraction of Iguaba Grande, one of the state’s Coastal Lowlands region’s municipalities. It is close to Iguaba beach and one can actually walk there, thanks to the shallow waters that separate it from the city.

The welcoming island, all wrapped up by lush green landscapes, is home to a small altar, visible even from a good distance, dedicated to Santa Rita de Cássia. The story goes that an Iguaba Grande resident found the saint’s image nearby and now the saint is revered on the little island.

A wooden píer completes the small island’s setting and palm trees and little conch shells are everywhere.

Learn more:

- The Santa Rita image draws a multitude of faithful who say the saint fulfills their requests.

- The Santa Rita island was made famous by yet another fantastic tale, that of Native Chief Tupinambá. Older fishermen say that on a stormy day, when sailboats were common, Tupinambá suddenly materialized in the island. Waving his strong arms, the chief ordered the rain to stop, thus making the sea safe. From then on, it’s common for local fishermen to ask for the Chief’s protection.


How to get there

Location: Rodovia Amaral Peixoto, km 98,5, Iguaba Grande

Centro - Santa Rita Island

Distance from the capital: 130 km